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At West Coast Conveyancing we understand that most people work hard to build their wealth in order to support and protect their family and loved ones. Now that you have settled on your home, why not take the right steps to protect this valuable asset and ensure it passes to the appropriate persons in the event of your death?

Unfortunately, around 50% of the Australian adult population die without a valid will in place. It is therefore critical that you address your estate planning now as opposed to when it’s too late. Failing to do so can result in much heartache for family and loved ones, delays in giving them access to much needed funding and unnecessary additional legal fees that may diminish the value of your estate.

Here at West Coast Conveyancing we recommend the services of Karolina Pisano, Head of Wills and Estate Planning at summerslegal in West Perth. A comprehensive and strategic estate plan prepared by summerslegal will ensure that:

·         Your estate and non estate assets pass to your intended beneficiaries

·         Your assets transition in a tax effective manner

·         Inheritances are protected from the claims of creditors and the family court

·         Guardians are appointed for your minor children

·         Vulnerable beneficiaries are appropriately protected

·         Suitable executors and attorneys are appointed to manage your affairs in the event of your death or loss of capacity.



Our offer to you…

As a valued client of West Coast Conveyancing, summerslegal will provide you with a complimentary initial meeting to discuss your estate planning requirements. Upon the conclusion of this initial meeting summerslegal will provide you with an estimate of the fees likely to be payable in the matter should you wish to instruct them to complete your estate planning.

If you would like to know more about the wills and estate planning service offered by summerslegal or would like to arrange a complimentary initial meeting, please contact Karolina Pisano, Head of Wills and Estate Planning on (08) 9420 8280 or email karolina.pisano@summerslegal.com.au

Another great service offered by West Coast Conveyancing. 
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West Coast Conveyancing is not a legal practice and does not have any expertise in Wills and Estate Planning.  The information above is intended as a guide and source of
general information only. No reader should act on any matter without first obtaining professional legal advice from a suitably qualified lawyer which takes into account
their individual objectives, financial situation and needs

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